Course curriculum

  • 2

    Become your own maintenance expert.

    • Take routine maintenance into your own hands!

    • Before we begin

  • 3

    Changing Filters in a Zehnder Recovery Ventilator

    • Why changing your filters is important.

    • How to change filters in the ComfoAir (CA) series.

    • How to change filters in the ComfoAir Q series. Featuring Albert Rooks

    • Final considerations

  • 4

    Cleaning Register Covers and Diffuser Filters

    • The Continued Quest for Clean Air

    • How to clean register covers

  • 5

    ComfoWell Add on Filtration

    • Boost your filtration capacity with ComfoWell filters.

    • How to install/remove ComfoWell filters.

  • 6

    Removing and Cleaning the Heat Exchange Core

    • Removing and Cleaning Heat Exchange Core (CA Series)

  • 7

    Now you are your own maintenance team!

    • Test what you have learned.

    • Take a breath of fresh air.